If I Scramble Up a Hill

From the ‘Sing Young, Sing Joyfully’ collection

1.  If I scramble up a hill,

If I climb into a tree,

If I look out from a cliff,

I can see and see and see.


2.  If I look down from a plane,

If I peer across the sea,

If I gaze up in the sky,

I can see and see and see.


3.  I see God in ocean waves,

I see God in mountain snow,

I see God in rainbow hues,

And in nature’s ebb and flow.


4.  God is seen in shining eyes,

In the helper’s tender hands,

In the minds that search for truth,

And the ways our love expands.


5.  When I look down deep inside,

Far beyond my fear and pain,

I discover part of God,

Part that always will remain.


6.  Thank you, God, for worldwide signs,

And especially loving friends,

Who reflect your love, O God,

Love which never, never ends.


Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace

Harmony by Graham Hollobon

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