It’s Bumpersticker Season!

A lot of people think they know what Christians are against:  gays, lesbians, the right to an abortion, other religions – and the list goes on.<

But do they know what Christians are for?

Given public perceptions, progressive Christians have a lot of explaining to do.  We have to go out of our way to make explicit that we’re about full LGBTQ inclusion, women’s rights, and cultural and religious pluralism… for starters.

That’s what our new Progressive Christians Uniting bumpersticker is about.  Put our sticker on your bumper – or elsewhere – above the other stickers that show where you stand on candidates and issues.  Show the world that there really are Christians who are FOR justice and kindness, and for the candidates running for office that share our spiritual values.

Here’s how to order your own:  Go to this website.  Go to the upper right corner area and click Sign In – My Account.  There, enter this email address: .  Click “Yes, I have a password.”  Enter this password: christiansfor .  That will take you to a page where you will find our bumpersticker listed as a product.  Once you are at the “checkout” you may see info for the last person who ordered.  No problem – erase and replace with your info.  Order your bumperstickers – as many as you want!  (Any problems, let me know.  I have a stash of bumperstickers I can sell to you directly!)

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