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Jesus Learns to Glow

By Published On: November 3, 20220 Comments on Jesus Learns to Glow


This illustrated children’s book is for all those who love creatures that glow, with multiple ones encountered along the journey. Inclusive for both religious and nonreligious audiences, readers will be reinspired to let your light shine!

Over the course of one night, Jesus of Nazareth goes on a journey, making friends with a mushroom, firefly, algae, and a jellyfish, before learning to glow like they do.

Sprinkled throughout are science facts about the creatures, as well as subtle biblical references for those familiar with the gospel story.

It’s nonsupernaturalist, fantastical, ecologically sensitive, and uplifting all at the same time!

Through rhythms and imagery, readers will encounter a relational worldview that reminds each of us to seek wisdom in surprising, and illuminating, places!

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