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Mindful Christianity

Just now, mindfulness – defined in secular terms, studied scientifically, and practiced ubiquitously – has come fully into the cultural mainstream. Now is the time to rediscover it in the mainstream of Christian faith and practice, in the writings and practices of contemplatives throughout its history. Mindful prayer leads to fresh interpretation of Christian tradition, and reveals the Bible for what it is: not a book of facts, not a fixed set of prescriptions for behavior, but rather a collection of wisdom and poetry and myth made sacred by the ongoing human quest for intimate encounter with the Ultimate Reality.

Mindful Christianity is spiritual practice in the service of engagement with the quest for social and environmental justice. By seeing clearly what is, we can begin working on what ought to be. The mystical knowledge of God leads to a life of compassion and activism.


For forty dawns in solitude before he began his ministry, what awe filled Jesus’ soul? To what inner and outer realities did he awaken? In silence, searching for himself, whom did he find? MINDFUL CHRISTIANITY invites you to join Jesus in the desert, and with him meet God face to face.

Mindful Christianity could not come at a more crucial moment in history. At a time when American Christianity seems to find itself at the crossroads of power and ethics, Rev. Jim Burklo builds a strong case for why mindfulness should be — and in fact historically has been — at the heart of the faith. Burklo traces a lineage from the Bible, to ancient Christian mystics, to the contemporary mindfulness movement, offering an inspiring vision for the future of Christianity. Rich with engaging stories and practical tips that will resonate with Christians and non-Christians alike, Mindful Christianity is a book to keep close by and refer to again and again. Antonia Blumberg, religion reporter

Karl Rahner said that the future of Christianity would be mystical or nothing at all. Jim Burklo has given us a 21st-century version of an enchiridion, a practical handbook, for 21st-century Christians navigating the rich connections between mindfulness practices and their own ancient tradition. The spiritual landscape he maps out sparkles like the horizon of the California desert. The book will inspire readers with the same sense of wondrous possibility — not only progressive Christians but modern contemplatives of all stripes. David Albertson, Associate Professor of Religion, University of Southern California and author, MATHEMATICAL THEOLOGIES

About the Author:

Rev. Jim Burklo, Associate Dean of Religious Life, USC
Follow Jim on twitter: @jtburklo

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