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Mystic Christ Podcast

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Mythic Christ Podcast offers an online community for exploring mythic structures of story, archetype, dream, and the deep imaginal realm within religious traditions to explore a growing collective longing to rewild our divine images in order to support the reawakening of the mystic perennial wisdom of Earth and soul. Monthly podcast launched in September of 2022 with bonus material and guided practices offered for our Patreon supporters.


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Hi, I’m Matt. My life is in service to decomposing the dying institutional forms of religion, the broken images of a colonial Christendom while remystifying those divine images, those visionary seeds at the heart of the world. There is a deep psycho-spiritual alchemy at work in our age of awakening that gives me hope, as more people turn to the old forgotten wisdom of perennial Earth-based traditions. I am not saying that religion has no place. But it must be rewilded, remystified, returned to the primal headwaters of all life. I believe what we are really longing for, and even beginning to experience, is the emergence of a new myth. A dream tapestry of mycelial threads. Not just more words and policy but the return of deep magic, of animal powers and poetics needed to decompose the old destructive narratives, culture and Western worldview. Deep in the heated microbial soil of the sacred Earth is the memory and wisdom unearthed by visionaries and carried in myth. It is in our bones. It is the food we eat to sustain the quest for Mystery and purpose. It is no longer found in temples made by human hands, but in the wild and sacred places of Earth and the soul. It is only the nutriment of numinous vision and dreams that hold out the possibility of rebirthing new forms of life-enhancing communities in the Western World. These may just be the ramblings of a madman, or they may be a cry for sanity, for real love, for homecoming. 

I have a background in the Christian mystical tradition, and more recently in the visionary lineage of Animas Valley Institute, certified as a Wild Mind Guide in nature-based human development, currently training as a Soul Initiation Guide. I come from a line of Sami ancestors who lived in northern Sweden in unceded lands called Sapmi, and Salthammer ancestors on an old Norwegian homestead that was once a Viking funerary site of sacred ritual now deserted except for seven crumbled rune-stones. In 2014 I founded Church of Lost Walls, a Denver Wild Church seeking to step across the threshold into a community based on sacred-reciprocity, relationship with the watershed, wild sacramental worship, and a commitment to ecological education and justice. In 2018 I co-founded Seminary of the Wild, an eco-ministry leadership and movement hub for a wilder spirituality. I am an artist, poet and writer which is where creative alchemy originates. I am a novice storyteller and lover of myth.

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