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New Creed

By Published On: May 24, 20130 Comments on New Creed

I believe in God as my creator
and as the creator of the world which God sets before me
as a gift for my joy and use,
for me to tend in gratitude and affection.

I believe in Jesus.
By his life and ministry he taught me how to love God
and all that God created, especially other people.
I take the teaching and example of Jesus as a model for my life.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, God’s abiding presence in this world,
to encourage and direct me to live a holy life.
I invite the Holy Spirit to fill me and guide me.

I believe in the Church,
the continuing presence of God revealed in Jesus,
the custodian of the experiences of God in the Sacred Scriptures
and in the lives of holy men and women.

I believe that all God’s children,
those who lived long ago, those who today are living
and all those who will ever live are brothers and sisters,
and that the bond of God’s love connects us across space and time.


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