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Original Praise and Worship/Christian Music

Singer/songwriter Christian McIvor serves as the Minister of Music & Worship at College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.  He writes progressive Christian songs centered around themes of love, justice, compassion, and community that are intended for both solo/small group and congregational use in worship.  Please enjoy these recordings and feel free to contact Christian at if you would like song sheets for use in your context.

All songs ©Christian McIvor, 2017-2020.

Song Explanations
1 – One Tough Mother – A song about Mary, mother of Jesus.  We used this as a congregational song during Advent 2019 at College Park, when our Advent series was “One Tough Mother,” with a focus on Mary.

2 – She Shall Prophesy – A song in support of women’s ministry, being used as a congregational song (slower than the recording) at College Park during our current “She Shall Prophesy” sermon series, featuring women preachers.

3 – This Is the End – A liberating vision of what the Church could be.

4 – Earth: Beloved Community – Written and used as the theme song for the “Earth: Beloved Community” Alliance of Baptists 2018 Annual Gathering in Dayton, Ohio.

5 – Called to Become – Written for the 2019 convocation service for Baptist Women in Ministry of North Carolina and now being used as BWIMNC’s theme song.

Christian McIvor
Minister of Music & Worship, College Park Baptist ChurchGreensboro, NC
College Park Music Ministry

All songs ©Christian McIvor, 2018-2019

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