Prayer for the Sinned Against

One: Abiding Spirit, you know us, and all of your Creation, better than we know ourselves.

All: In your loving knowledge, you care about each of us – and for all Creation.

One: In your care, you call us all to your vision of “complete joy” and “abundant life.”

All: But too often, we turn from this, and harm each other and ourselves.

One: We forget Jesus’ vision of love for God, neighbor, and self.

All: At times, we perpetuate sin against you, and your beloved people, by bringing:

pain instead of love,

isolation instead of community,

oppression instead of liberation,

and empty platitudes instead of acts of justice,

One: At times, we feel the pain of sin by being the sinned against.

All: Some of our voices have been ignored.

One: Some of us have verbally abused.

All: Some of us have remained hungry, while others ate.

One: Some of us have been held captive, while others enjoyed freedom.

All: Hear, us Holy God, as we name the experiences of being sinned against.

[Feel free to name, silently or aloud, the times when you have been hurt by sin.]

One: We confess our own sins that we know have brought pain to others and God,

and name the sins that have been to us and God,

because we want the world to be healed

by your transforming Spirit.

All: Forgive, where there needs to be forgiveness.

One: Heal, where there needs to be healing.

All: Give voice, where there needs to be voice.

One: Bring humility, where there needs to be humility.

All: And help all of your Creation, including each of us,

to taste the goodness of your “complete joy” and “abundant life.”

One: Abiding Spirit, help us rest assure in your forgiving, healing, and transforming embrace.

All: Praise and thanks to you, our Solid Rock and Healing River. Amen!


Editor’s note:  More of Brian Brandsmeier’s liturgies and his wife, Sara Kay’s, music, can be found at their site

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