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Praying a New Story

By Published On: December 27, 20180 Comments on Praying a New Story

“A refreshing and inspiring guide to authentic prayer!” ~ Diarmuid O’Murchu
Praying a New Story offers a way of seeing and being in the presence of an “everywhere” God” – in all, through all, never absent, always nears.

Michael Morwood is known internationally as an inspiring and challenging speaker. He lives in Perth, Australia.

The author gently moves the reader to the window of the box we all live in to look beyond what we have always presumed to be the way to pray. How do we think about God? The new story arising from knowing ourselves gives depth to faith in ways we may never explore on our own, without a book such as this. God is present. How is God present? What does it mean to speak or pray to God? Who has not wondered how does prayer work actually? What changes when I pray? Let go of magical thinking and bravely consider what Morwood has to share with us.~ ebordante Baratin

Those familiar with Michael Morwood’s writing will appreciate this thoughtful, useful collection of prayers for eucharistic celebrations and other occasions for two reasons. First, they stem from his recognition of the need to describe and celebrate the Christian story in modern terms. Further, he encourages users not only to employ his words in public or private prayer but also to reflect on the topics he chooses (seasons and circumstances both liturgical and human) so as to include their own thoughts and feelings. No doubt some consider this author’s work too “non-traditional” or even “scandalous.” My choice of descriptor is “essential” because without Morwood’s insight and sensitivity the story and the faith it purports to sustain will become more and more stale to an increasingly thoughtful public. Yes, it is a struggle to move beyond concepts and vocabulary when they go back millenia and that does not mean we ought to just consider it a lost cause. Thanks to this brave soul for showing us it’s worth the effort. ~ J Polanski

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