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Progressive Christianity: Hope for the Future?


The final Marcus Borg Memorial Conference in association with the 2021 Carrs Lane Lectures in Radical Christian Faith, was held online October 19, 2021. The conference brought together two leading and younger voices for progressive Christianity in the USA and Australia.

Deshna Shine is the former Executive Director of & Progressing Spirit where she worked from 2006 -2020. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Chaplain, a Certified Healing Ritual Facilitator, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a published author and International speaker. She is a Lead Author, Project Director, and Editor on the Children’s Curriculum: A Joyful Path, Spiritual Curriculum.

Jeremy Greaves is Assistant Bishop of Brisbane in the Anglican Church of Australia. Jeremy has described himself as a progressive Christian who “lives on the edge of the church”. A friend of the progressive Christian movements in Australia and New Zealand, Jeremy was on the planning committee which welcomed delegates to the international Common Dreams Conference in 2016.

For this online conference we have the opportunity to learn about the possibilities and challenges for progressive Christianity, not only in America and Australia but what is common to us here in Europe. And how does the culture of richer nations, with a widely diverse population contrast to countries in the southern half of the globe? Are there common barriers and issues to progressive thinking in all our countries? And can the voices and thinking of younger leaders like Deshna and Jeremy give us hope for the future?
Enjoy the video (video starts at 1:45 mark)

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