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Religion Under Attack: Getting Theology Right!

Religion is being bombarded from every quarter—by scientists, spiritualists, agnostics, ex-believers, non-believers and even those who had never bothered with it in the first place. But most religions remain blithely (and perilously) unaware of the prevailing mood of unbelief, disdain for religion, and the growth of alternative spiritualities that has resulted from fundamentalism and dogmatism. They do not seem to understand what the objections are, nor why they should respond in a reasonable way. In this groundbreaking book, Nigel Leaves analyzes the current debate about the value of religion and proposes a unique theological response to the crisis of belief.

“A brilliant analysis of the issues facing organized religion today.”—John Shelby Spong, Episcopal Bishop Emeritus of Newark, New Jersey

“Nigel Leaves mines down through the emotional and exclusive claims of those drawing battle lines to describe a dynamic, holistic and inclusive vision for the future of humanity.” —The Very Rev’d Dr. Peter Catt, Dean of Brisbane, Australia

“A sweeping overview, a splendid synthesis of the current literature attacking religion . . .” —Bob Semes, Founder and Executive Director of The Jefferson Center, Ashland, Oregon

“An important and unique addition to current literature on progressive and constructive religious thought.” —Val Webb, author of Like Catching Water in a Net

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