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The African American Church

The worshipers welcomed the stranger.

Then hatred wearing a racist robe

tore through the house of God.

Blood was spilled,

and lives were lost,

but no one can kill

the African-American church.

Its power is kingly

and oh so much stronger 

than the small minded, lowly thoughts 

bred in a bigot’s brain.

The African-American spirit makes little sense 

in the eyes of the everyday world

for this spiritual power is born of oppression

and sees in an overturned way

silently sitting in the front of the bus

and peacefully marching for rights.

The weak will be strong.

The last will be first,

and victory found in defeat.

Let us bow down and knock on the door

of the African-American church

humbly asking for counsel and guidance

on how to build a beloved world.


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