The Ending of Mark’s Gospel

The Key to Understanding the Gospels and Christianity

Scholarship and determined exploration of ancient sources for the canonical gospel of Mark has brought great rewards for the writer and readers of The Ending of Mark’s Gospel.

Peter Lewis’s work has indeed provided new ‘understanding of the gospels’. The reasons for and impact of variations in the form of the ending of Mark has been speculated on for a long time. Dr Lewis puts a credible case for a reconstructed original ending while providing multiple peripheral insights. His work challenges some long held assumptions and makes worthy corrections to previous scholarship.

This is a theological adventure in forensic classical philology and reads like an unfolding mystery novel with the evidence building for his ‘case’. An enjoyable read that takes theology and contemporary Jesus studies into a new era of thinking.

Dr Paul Inglis, CEO UCFORUM


“This is a very attractive book, both for specialist and general inquirer.” Robert Crotty, Emeritus Professor of Religion and Education, University of South Australia.

“I think the collection of essays in this little volume offer thoughtful people a helpful insight into the origins of the New Testament and the deeper dynamics of our faith in today’s world.” The Very Reverend Dr Gregory Jenks, Dean of Grafton and Director of the Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History.

“A must-read for Christians and non-christians alike.” Dr James Coates, independent scholar, Brisbane, Queensland.

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