The God I Don’t Believe In: Charting a New Course for Christianity

Dr. Wilburn leads us on a spiritual journey from the comfort of conventional Christianity into a world of religious inclusiveness where those of all faiths and lifestyles are welcome at the Lord s Table. Dr. Wilburn writes about Jesus message in the language of Progressive Christianity in contrast to intolerant theological dogma; yet he does not lose His teachings in a swamp of situational ethics.

“Gary Wilburn has been a rock, a moral compass, and a fearless burning bush compelling thousands in our community to think beyond ourselves… to consider how we can affect all of mankind…. He loathes indifference and celebrates those who are unafraid to challenge the status quo for the sake of truth…”
New Canaan Advertiser

“There are literally dozens of well known theologians and biblical scholars who have written hundreds of books challenging Christians to rethink what they mean by Christianity. Usually they write these books in their secluded studies and their private offices. But it is a rare delight when a pastor in the trenches can write such an open and informative book about a journey, through study and interaction with members of his congregation that changed his vision of the Christian path. This is a wonderful book for any individual who is trying to figure out why they are no longer comfortable with the Christianity of their youth, and are searching for a new way to think, and talk about their faith.”
– FRED C. PLUMER, President
The Center for Progressive Christianity

“I just finished reading The God I Don’t Believe In and was really blown away – it’s incredible! I think I have been waiting my whole life to hear such a clear, compelling argument for what religion should really be about. My head hurts from nodding and my mouth hurts from smiling while I was reading it.”
– Matthew Breitfelder, CT

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