The Non-Religious Christian – Finding Faith Outside the Church

Book Description

In The Non-Religious Christian, Vern Jones shares his journey growing up as constrained by the strict dogma of an evangelical Baptist church to a renewed faith without the myths and restrictive ideology taught by so many churches. Through the eyes of a scientist who has studied the Bible his entire life, Jones debunks many so-called biblical truths and the whole notion of biblical inerrancy. He then puts forward a new and exciting way of looking at faith, without the restrictions placed by organized religions nor the need to be a part of a church to be Christian. Many of the significant social issues of our time including abortion, stem cell research, school prayer, evolution and the display of the Ten Commandments are addressed in this book with new insights that run contrary to those in the traditional evangelical movement. Vern is not attempting to convert anyone, but simply sharing his years of research with fellow truth seekers to find a faith that they may call their own.

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