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The Work Of The People



The Work Of The People

Work out your faith and renew hope through our film library of spiritual leaders and contemplative pieces.

Contributing To The Soil Of Life

Welcome to The Work of the People (TWOTP), a subscription-based, spiritual, visual library and virtual sanctuary for a growing community of people from all walks of life. Some of us have found it difficult to keep our faith when there wasn’t a place to hold our pain or grief.
When there wasn’t a place to groan while our wounds healed. When there wasn’t space for honest dialogue about transformation and how hard and disruptive it is. Over the years, TWOTP has become a safe place to discover our humanity and divinity, a place of inquiry about God and being human. A place to grow in empathy and compassion, to share heart. A place to explore and evolve with the rest of creation-kind.

We don’t claim to have perfected faith, we know we don’t have all the answers but a quest for what is real and what is true. Our core motivations over the years came from questions that became pivotal in the life of the site’s founder, Travis Reed. Questions like “Who is God?”, “Where is God?”, “What is God’s dream?”, “Does God get what God wants?” Questions about inclusivity, true justice, human and divine nature, death and eternal life, and what it means to be human after all. Sometimes the questions inspired wisdom, insight, and healing, sometimes more questions. Travis’ search for God through his questions has sent him around the world meeting strangers only to part as friends.

TWOTP honors the deep mystery of Christ—the procession of our lives that is the patterned living, dying, and rising of all things.

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Grow Through Thematic Film Sessions
Journey individually or as a group through thematic film series guided by accompanying discussion and reflection questions along with suggested contemplative practices.
Light living fires in your heart and in the hearts of your communities through films with some of the most incendiary theologians and authors who share their most explosive ideas.
Visual prayers, poems, and benedictions, as well as looped visual imagery to create space for prayer and contemplation, bring theology to life, and provide spiritual oxygen for the journey.
Travis says, “Everything I have learned was received by sitting at the table with people who remind me time and again that I’m not a powerless combatant trying to win (regardless of the cost), but an empowered co-creator contributing to the soil of life while surrendering as an embedded seed willing to grow.”
Because the table we’ve set seats a variety of denominations, cultures, histories, and orientations, we feel we are able to not only learn about and from one another, but also reach beyond belief structures that have held us captive in many ways so that we might continue to search for what is alive, true, evolving, and eternal. Authors, theologians, and practitioners have felt safe to be vulnerable, honest, unguarded and unscripted, and we invite you do do the same while listening or perhaps going through a 4 or 6 week curriculum. Go ahead and go deep, we’re in this with you.
“Travis’ great imaginative spirit and
the use he makes of it are a gift to us
all. Travis is the only one of his kind.
I am glad to be seen in public with him.”

“Travis’ work is critically important,
soulful and beautiful.”

“Travis is amazing.
So grateful that he does what he does.”

Work out your faith and renew hope through our film library of spiritual leaders and contemplative pieces.


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Travis Reed is the founder and filmmaker at The Work Of The People. Travis doesn’t have any credentials but he has clocked in over 40,000 hours creating hundreds of short films for folks exploring spiritual questions. He’s built more than a meaningful visual library exploring faith and the transformation of the heart, he’s built friendships around the Table across the globe. Travis lives in Cypress, Texas with his wife and abides.

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