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Tune: Fulda (Walton) William Gardiner (1770-1853)

Creation’s splendour calls forth praise
for Nature’s wealth, for vibrant life.
This planet home, a wondrous gift,
is threatened now by greed and strife.

Throughout the world a voice is heard
in varied cultures, distant climes.
We seek religious dialogue
and hope for peace in troubled times.

Though doctrines, liturgies and creeds
strive hard to focus our belief,
fullness of sight eludes them all
and questing minds still seek relief.

As sisters, brothers under heaven
we learn your wisdom, feel your fears;
in spirit find a common ground
as apprehension disappears.

In fellowship with other faiths
our own conviction we declare:
the free forgiveness we have found
in Jesus’ love and long to share.

© David Stevenson 2018

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