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UNenlightenment: A Theological Foundation for Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Christian Faith

Do you desire more from your faith than what you learned in Sunday School?

Do you find yourself asking questions about Christianity and feeling unsatisfied with the answers?

UNenlightenment is a theological and philosophical guide to help you deconstruct your faith journey and lead you through reconstructing a belief system that is completely yours. It pulls no punches and asks the hard questions about the beliefs the Church has taught for years. Are you ready to take control of your spiritual journey, understand and deal with doubt, and help transform your faith into something you want to share with others? 

Such an interesting book. It is filled with information on deconstruction and reconstruction of our faith. The author gives many explanations on popular topics within the Christian faith. For many of us, the basic doctrine and theology we were taught in church we now have questions about. This book discusses alternative views and interpretations, and really makes you think. If you are going through a faith deconstruction, this book is such an encouragement and gives many sensible views that will lift you up. The book was easy to read and very informative. The author did a good job and making you feel you are not crazy and not alone if you are going through this process. – Michael Donahoe

Though I am not someone who usually reads theology books (okay never), I really enjoyed this book. It was a breath of fresh air. It simultaneously answered so many questions (some I didn’t even know I had) while still allowing for (and encouraging!) me to form my own unique perspective. If you are a person who feels like they have never felt entirely “at home” in a faith situation (denomination/church “family”), this is the book for you. This book isn’t afraid to “go there” – it presents many of the “hot button” issues present in the Church today and puts them into biblical and historical perspective. But the best part about reading this book is the permission it gives you to stay curious, evolve, and continue your faith journey. The end of this book is just the beginning!

The best thing about this book is that, unlike many others, it doesn’t tell you what to think, rather it creates a safe space for you to ask questions and explore answers about Christianity and what’s truly important. Chapter 7 is my absolute favorite and a much-needed/sorely-missing exploration of social justice and the heart of God for his people! Get it now, for yourself, for a friend, and thank yourself later. – Anika Ojeda

This book really encouraged me and gave me a very positive way to view some of the issues I struggled with during my own questioning of faith, and how I live it out. Usually when I think of theology, I think (Yawn) but the author makes the subject engaging and interesting. And sharing their experience has helped me in my own. There really can be faith through deconstruction, one that becomes stronger, and your own. Not one given to, or taught, but experienced! Great read!!!!! – Jason Hutchens

In his debut book, English lays out the basic building blocks of the Christian faith, asking the reader to reconsider each tenant through the filter of the life and message of Jesus—a contrast he draws between how conservative Evangelicals and progressive Christians interpret and express their faith.

UnEnlightenment is a staple source text for anyone deconstructing or reconstructing their Christian faith—or for anyone who loves someone who is. It is pointed and practical, including an appendix of helpful resources for further study and reflection. – Autumn E. Lunsford

I’ve read several books over the last few years which tackle the subject of deconstruction, from Brian Zahnd, Brad Jersak, Brian Mclaren , Rachel Held Evans and others that have brought light to my darkness. UNenlightenment deserves to be included in this group.
This is simply am amazing book. So many, what I refer to as, AHA moments. There is So much to digest and unpack here that more than one reading might be required. In fact in would recommend reading it more than once..I know I will be doing so. – David Tade
About the Author

Eric Scot English writes the UNenlightenment column for Patheos Progressive Christian. Eric also hosts a podcast called UNenlightenment where he interviews leading thinkers in the Christian faith about various topics associated with progressive Christianity and evangelicalism. He holds advanced degrees in philosophy and theology.

Eric’s life-long passion for Christ-like discipleship has allowed him to travel and teach those within the Church for the last 20 years. He lives in the Grand Rapids, MI area with his wife Cynthia, and their three children. Visit his website at

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