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Will you join us in this quest to enliven Christianity for the sake of all Creation?

********** Review of 2018 **********


Dear Loyal Members,
The movement of Progressive Christianity is growing worldwide. We are seeing more and more evangelicals, fundamentalists, and sincere followers of Jesus shifting to a more progressive theology. As they reclaim their faith they are finding an exciting and authentic path that feels compassionate, informed and relevant to them.
Our nearly 400,000 unique website visitors are from far-reaching places like: Japan, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, South Korea, Poland, Philippines, India and nearly every country in the world. There are more leaders, visionaries, and authors calling themselves Progressive Christians today than ever before. These leaders are affecting change by organizing statements and local movements for social justice and radical equality. Pastors are empowered to be braver than ever, publicly renouncing acts of discrimination and boldly sharing their authentic beliefs with their communities. People once wounded by Christianity are finding new ways to heal and embody their faith. is leading and supporting this movement by helping shape values and by encouraging truth speaking, radical equality, and environmental restoration. In addition, we are trailblazing spiritual education for the next generations, open minded dialogue, interfaith respect, honor of indigenous peoples, and acts of social justice.
We are asking Christians everywhere to commit to a lifelong quest of learning and growing in Spirit. Every day we show up here so that we can embolden and support those who are committed to the path that Jesus taught. A path grounded in the mystical, where followers act and view the world with compassion, seeking radical inclusion and creating positive social change.
So, here we are at the end of 2018 and the truth is donations are down even though our numbers around the world are up. We get it! It has been a hard year for everyone and mid-term elections in North America have been draining for a lot of us. Indeed, there have been many times over the last year when we have asked ourselves if what we are doing is making any difference. With just three-part time employees and a volunteer Executive Director, we often feel overwhelmed. And we have to ask ourselves, “Is this even working? Are we making the impact that we so greatly desire to see?”
But then we get emails like these:
“I am eternally grateful for this source. I hope to continue to learn from this offering for many more years to come. I think about often and how (you) have pioneered change in Christianity. I am much happier for it and no longer feel embarrassed to be a Christian.” ~Kay
“I am committed to being a part of our “New Christianity.” We shall live and learn together always and become a true team in every sense of the word. You, and all of the authors have my unending support.” ~Dominik
and we are reminded of just how important this movement is. But we really do need you and your support during our year-end campaign. This organization exists primarily through donations from around 1% of our website visitor ship and only 3% of our email list. If everyone on our email list gave just $10 we would be set for another year! Seeing as that doesn’t happen, we need donors like you to give as generously as you can. If progressive Christianity has made a difference in your life, we ask that you give so that we can continue the work we do and positively affect other’s lives.
Today, more than ever, we must remain strong, as we are called to rescue Christianity from people using it as a weapon for exclusivity, hatred, racism, sexism, and patriarchal empiricism. At Progressive we say no to this misuse of Christianity. We are making that statement with the resources we share daily, by supporting authors who are bravely forging new pathways, and by publicly renouncing people and actions that create division, violence and hatred.
Despite the fact that we are living in very challenging times, it is evident that the human spirit is up for the calling to protect our human rights and our planet. Many people are awakening to the sacred oneness of all and we are moving beyond outdated narratives of fear and scarcity. Old stories of division and power never have, and certainly no longer, serve us. We want to be a part of creating new narratives, new language, and new art, drawing upon sources of ancient wisdom; while at the same time leaning into an evolved culture and awareness. Will you join us in this quest? Not much will change until our stories and language reflect where we want to go.
When you give, we are able to continue to create meaningful children’s curriculum that has the power to shape the future of our world by impacting thousands of communities worldwide. When you give, we are able to maintain a website that is a global community and open source for progressive Christians everywhere. When you give, we are able to support authors, activists, leaders, teachers, liturgists, musicians and theologians to share their explorations and creations with a global audience. When you give, we are able to partner and work closely with other organizations making sure to support the movement — and not just our place in it. We are leading dynamic explorations in theology and sharing expansive and relevant ways to practice devotion.
Will you join us in this quest to enliven Christianity for the sake of all Creation?
Thank you for your support,

Deshna Ubeda

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