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Your God, My God, or Our God

What Matters Most……………….Commentary by Jim High

My God, Your God, or Our God

Before I can begin to address this issue, I think we must talk about the word GOD.   Every age and every human culture from the beginning of time has addressed in some way their concept of GOD.  There have been hundreds, maybe even thousands, of concepts of GOD.  Recently I saw a book by Tom Stone with the title ZEUS.  For nearly 4000 years of recorded history, ZEUS was the powerful, charismatic GOD of the Greeks and others in that region of the world.  They prayed to ZEUS, built temples in his honor and worshiped him.  But ZEUS and other gods like him are not the gods of today’s world.

What is your concept of GOD?  Unless you believe that man invented GOD like the Greeks invented ZEUS, GOD must have been in existence through all of history, including the billions of years before man, the human animal, evolved on the face of the earth.  Whatever your definition of GOD, you will probably agree the GOD of your understanding is timeless, infinite and changeless.  Before the beginning of time and after the end of time, God is and will always be.

But what is GOD, who is GOD and where is GOD?  Can you have one understanding and description of GOD and me another completely different understanding?  Can we both be right?  Or is there only one real true GOD of everyone?  By now you are probably saying, “What’s with all these questions?  Everybody knows there is only one GOD; we know what GOD is and where he is.  He is in Heaven.”  This understanding and description would have worked well during the days of ZEUS, but not now in 2010.  We now really do understand the working details of the entire known Universe from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies.  But GOD has not changed, remember God always has been, is, and always will be.  It is man that has changed, and we continue to gain knowledge about the workings of our world, and about our concept of what the thing we call GOD is.

So I believe we must come to a new, better, broader and more meaningful understanding and description of what, who and where GOD is.  Because the truth is – My God, Your God, or our God – they are all the same.  It just can’t be any other way, unless we want to go back to the days of ZEUS where everyone had their own descriptions of their individual personal gods.

In my understanding, GOD is the thought and force behind all Creation, the ultimate beginning and cause of all that is.  GOD is all good, all loving, all caring.  GOD is the “Life Force of the Universe” and experiences Itself through all of Its creation.  Therefore, God has manifested as you, and as every other thing in the entire Universe.  Where is GOD?  Everywhere.  What is God?  The Life Force or Divine Spirit within each person and all living things.  There is, and cannot be, any separation from GOD.  GOD loves everyone, no exceptions.  GOD’s goodness flows toward everyone, no exceptions, then through us and out to all others, if we recognize this goodness and are aware of it.

What Matters Most……. is to have a new understanding that man with all his definitions and ideas about GOD does not own GOD.  GOD owns us, because actually we are all a part of what GOD is.  And GOD trusts us enough to expect that we will be GOD to everyone and everything in our world.  That day is coming.  Our new understanding of GOD is the knowledge of our true relationship to GOD, and this will be the final step of our evolution as human beings created in the image of GOD.

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