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Cataclysmic Calamity

Are too many Christians in the USA standing by while our country crumbles at the hands of the elite who exercise political and corporate power? I do not refer to the partisan religious who promote candidates, parties, conspiracies, etc. I refer to those who could, but do not, demand justice from all political parties and interests for equality among all in our country.

The attacks on American freedom and justice for all require effective oversight and corrective action where necessary. In a democratic republic, “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice”. Where is our nonpartisan demand of Democrats, Republicans and Independents to pursue justice for all? What does it mean to love your neighbor if you ignore poverty, health care limited to the privileged, lopsided tax laws favoring the affluent, regulations for climate change too limited and obscene military expenditures? How can our society flourish when our justice system is punitive instead of redemptive?

Unfortunately and sadly, too many American Christians believe the Big Lie we should not mix religion and politics (don’t confuse this with separation of church and state, a totally different issue). This lie was created and is maintained by the power elite from kings declaring their Divine Right to rule to today’s manipulators of the stock market and energy companies, among others.

Say the elite, “Religion is personal and private. Keep it to yourself! Don’t use religious ethics to interfere with how we run business and politics.” The elite tried to tell that to people like Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Jesus. All three were assassinated by the elites who wanted, and still want, to protect their control over wealth and power.

Robber Barons become rich through ruthless and unscrupulous business practices. Members of both political parties have served and continue to serve their interests. In 2019, the Economic Policy Institute reported “CEO compensation had grown 940% since 1978 and a typical worker compensation had risen only 12% during that time.” This inequity was made possible by politicians who, in exchange for corporate money to fund their campaigns and line their pockets, disemboweled the federal and state tax laws, as well as environmental regulations, etc.

Why do the rich need welfare? Why don’t they pay their fair share of taxes? Faithful folks of all religions, in a nonpartisan way, need to demand Wall Street and the tax codes be better regulated for the good of all investors; demand governmental regulations that help protect people, water, the environment and climate be reinstated and improved.

Who is going to require these corrections? To whom did God speak through the prophet Amos (5:24) that we should “let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”?

Do justice and righteousness roll down like a stream by themselves? If not, how do justice and righteousness roll, if not initiated and pursued by citizens of our democratic republic? Can you imagine how powerful the political world would be challenged if more of our American religious people could shake off the Big Lie?

Moderate and progressive Christians have tended to let the predatory power elite range too freely. Political corruption can be addressed by appropriate legislation if enough prophetic voices are heard. In God we trust. We need to do our part by realistically looking into our hearts and rededicating ourselves to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”…and fight against the Big Lie.
David Garshaw: Clergy of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) & Walking in THE WAY of The Christ in Progressive Christianity among all denominations.

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