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Custom E-Courses

E-Courses and Online Retreats with Your Own Private Group

Many people these days have little time to participate in any kind of regular “in-person” spirituality group, and yet they know that studying and practicing with others can contribute significantly to their spiritual growth. Now you can use the e-courses and online retreats already created for Spirituality & Practice as a program for your own group. Your group will receive the emailed lessons, links to any video and audio content in the e-course, and your own private “Practice Circle” (an online forum at for your discussions.

Connect virtually or combine virtual lessons with additional in-person meetings. This option is ideal for an existing spirituality circle or congregational small group as well as new groups consisting of, say, students of a teacher, those working with a spiritual director, or a parents or elders group. It’s a new way to form connections as you share your spiritual journeys together.

S&P’s E-Courses and Online Retreats Offer You Time to:

  • Reflect upon the meaning and purpose of life
  • Nurture your connection to Spirit
  • Learn from the great teachers of our time
  • Expand your repertoire of spiritual practices
  • Connect more deeply to your community

. . . all without having to leave home. Even just a few minutes a day with the email readings, practices, and online community can have a profound effect on your spiritual life.

“Taking the Practicing Spirituality with Children E-Course with fellow parents at my church reminded me to pause and live in the moment with my kids as much as possible. I left the e-course experience with good examples and messages for extending spirituality into our home and also with deeper friendships at our church.”

— Emily E., White Plains, New York

Choose from a Wide Array of S&P E-Courses

All the E-Courses and Online Retreats in S&P’s on-demand system can become a Custom E-Course for your group. There are:

Here are some of the most popular with groups:

How the E-Courses Work:

The E-Courses are delivered via email. Each session consists of:

• a short reading for reflection or an essay by the teacher
• practices to bring the e-course’s subject into your life
• links to any additional course elements, such as audio clips, videos, or paintings
• link to the Practice Circle, a forum open 24/7, where members of your group can discuss the session.

Designed to fit your schedule and budget, the e-courses range in price from $21 – $65 per person and can be done daily; every Monday and Thursday; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; or weekly.

Why a Private Group?

• Involve people who have never participated in your groups due to time and/or travel constraints
• Help group members get to know one another better through the online discussions so they are able to relate more when they see each other again in person
• Connect as a leader with members in a new way, discover ideas for future activities and sermons, and identify needs for other educational and spiritual formation programs

What S&P Provides:

• The technology to deliver the emails to your group and a private online forum at Spirituality & Practice where you can interact
• A secure e-commerce system to take registrations
• The ability to personalize the daily emails with a branded banner from your organization and a box where your group leader can put personalized notes about the teaching for the day, relating it back to your community’s interests and needs
• A Guide to the E-Course Practice Circle with “Frequently Asked Questions” for your participants

What You Need to Get Started

• A minimum of 15 people to take the e-course and three weeks’ notice for adequate course registration time
• Someone available to be the Group Coordinator to promote the e-course to your group and also handle non-technical queries for the duration of the e-course
• Someone who can prepare personalized notes for the e-course emails (if desired) and get them to S&P in a timely fashion.

Contact Mary Ann at for more information and to get started today. Visit website here.

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