Doing Christianity

How religion is about what you do, not what you believe


Christianity is less about believing in certain things and more about doing the right things. Believing in the creeds, catechisms and doctrines, or going to church every week, will only take us so far, and count for little if we fail to act with compassion. Jesus didn’t insist that his followers sign up to a belief system, rather he invited people to change their behavior by embracing a gospel of love and forgiveness. Christianity is something we do, and the Good News of Jesus is that everyone can be a Christian, even those who don’t consider themselves religious.

In Doing Christianity Paul Higginson encourages us, in nine simple steps, to look afresh at the words of Jesus in the Gospel. Jargon-free and full of practical steps you can apply each day, Doing Christianity can help to refresh your faith, deepen your relationships and give you a new sense of hope for the future of the Christian Gospel.

Something for everyone, clearly written with a clever structure that takes the reader on a journey through the important ideas of Christianity and how they can be applied to make our lives and the world around us better. Something for everyone – whether you have a faith or not. Honest, brave – and, at the same time – gentle!
A Logical Take on Modern-Day Christianity: Absolutely read this book! Growing up in a religious household, I found my beliefs contrasted from those around me. I felt there was a widespread hypocrisy of those who simply would pay lip service by attending church and making them better than others. I really recommend this book because it’s a balanced, sensible point of view that does not encourage people to stray from their beliefs, but provides the unique opportunity to analyse, utilise their religious beliefs so that you can be a good person without going against Christianity.
I found this take from the author to be a fascinating, unique, and refreshingly logical take on how Christianity can/should be interpreted in Modern-Day society. Thoroughly enjoyed it; certainly food for thought, and I recommend it to anyone with an open mind.

Paul Higginson is a retired Religious Education and Politics teacher and author of Doing Christianity: How religion is about what you do, not what you believe. Before teaching, he worked in a halfway house for people living with schizophrenia and later spent time working with St. Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. He now works part-time as a Schools Inspector. Married with three children he lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

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