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God in Big History 1:5 (beta) “The Big Picture”

Published on Jul 4, 2014

Big History *synthesizes* science and religion—head and heart—by transcending and including reason and faith, facts and values. Honoring both ‘how things are’ and ‘which things matter’ is essential for human survival. Part 1 explores what BH is, why it is important, and the significance of a global, evidential view of God & religion.

00:05 Introduction and overview of 5-part series (3 hrs total)
01:15 Factual Faith or Sacred Realism / Religious Naturalism
02:10 The 7 main questions addressed in this series
03:30 TEDx talk, “Reality Reconciles Science and Religion”
04:00 Core points: synthesis, REAL God(s), RRR, spiritual autism
06:20 Background: Barlow, Dowd, 12-year itinerant ministry
08:20 2,000 groups / Religion 3.0 / The Evidential Reformation
12:30 Evolutionary Christianity: our 3 core points of agreement
13:54 The Future is Calling Us to Greatness Skype series
14:30 What is Big History and why is it important?
18:40 Who we are…really!
22:20 What is our role in the larger body of life?
25:30 7 ways a BH view of God differs from other approaches
30:26 — BH Resources: videos, courses, books, TED talks, etc
34:25 — Trajectory of BH & Its Significance
37:20 — Questions for Reflection or Discussion

Mentioned: Thomas Berry, Mary Evelyn Tucker, David Christian, Edward O. Wilson, David Sloan Wilson, Bob Bain, Cynthia Stokes Brown, Fred Spier, Criag Benjamin, Bill Gates, Teilhard de Chardin, Julian Huxley, Stepthen Toulmin, Carl Sagan, Joanna Macy, Brian Swimme, Aldo Leopold, Loren Eiseley, William Grassie, Walter Alverez, Connie Barlow, Cathy Russell, Eric Chaisson, Bill Bryson, Robert Wright, Russell Genet, Robert Hazen, John Stewart, Chris Johnstone, Peter Corning, Tom Atlee; 38 “Advent of Evolutionary Christianity” interviewees: Charles H. Townes, William D. Phillips, Ian Barbour, John Polkinghorne, Joan Chittister, Kenneth R. Miller, Richard Rohr, Ursula King, John F. Haught, Gloria Schaab, Ilia Delio, Diarmuid O’Murchu, Linda Gibler, Mary Southard, Gail Worcelo, John Shelby Spong, Matthew Fox, Joan Roughgarden, John Cobb, Philip Clayton, Denis Lamoureux, Karl W. Giberson, Owen Gingerich, Edward B. (Ted) Davis, Brian McLaren, Sally Morgenthaler, Doug Pagitt, Spencer Burke, Ross Hostetter, Jim Burklo, Tom Thresher, Gretta Vosper, Paul Smith, Bruce Sanguin, Ian Lawton, Kevin Kelly, Michael Morwood; 35 “The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness” interviewees: Bob Inglis, Bill Pfeiffer, Joe Romm, Ken Wilber, Amy Larkin, Bron Taylor, Rob Hopkins, Nikki Silvestri, Bill McKibben, Carolyn Baker, Drew Dellinger, Peggy Holman, James Hansen, David Gershon, Katharine Hayho, Chris Henderson, Pandora Thomas, Larry Rasmussen, Richard Heinberg, Barbara Jefferson, Michael Brownlee, Susan Joy Hassol, Elisabet Sahtouris, Charles Eisenstein, John Michael Greer, J. Marshall Shepherd, Kathleen Dean Moore, Barbara Marx Hubbard, James Howard Kunstler, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Carl Anthony and Paloma Pavel, Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel Primack


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