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I Came From Joy!

Spiritual Affirmations and Activities for Children

I Came From Joy! is a beautifully conceived, non-sectarian tool for developing a child’s inner, spiritual life–ideal for parents, teachers, youth group leaders, and religious educators. Written for children age 5-11, but adaptable for all ages, I Came From Joy! offers fun and uplifting exercises that teach children values such as kindness, love, concentration, happiness, discrimination, sharing, patience, security, and how to be a success.

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This easy-to-use workbook features:

A complete curriculum for use at home, youth groups, schools, and Sunday schools
26 lesson plans with all necessary materials
Reproducible picture pages for coloring, arts and crafts, and bulletin boards
Guidance on how to teach spiritual values to children
Take-home pages for sharing topics with parents
Lists of recommended children’s books and additional resources

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What Others Are Saying

“At last, a workbook designed to awaken each child’s unique sense of the divine as well as strengthen their relationship with God. Lorna Knox is a natural-born teacher who through her book I Came from Joy! brings the love and light of God to our children through her activities and spiritual affirmations.”

—Connie Bowen, author of I Believe in Me

“An inspirational as well as practical guide to helping children learn to live by true values. Lorna Knox has captured the essence of each value and made it meaningful for children through creative movement, art, music, and literature.”

—Carol Malnor, Performance Living Systems and author of The Sharing Nature with Children Teacher’s Guides

“I absolutely, with no hesitations, adore this book! It is a needed teaching tool with spiritual lessons that I strive to impart to my own daughter, as well as the students at my school.”

—Kathleen Benson, Director of Fair Oaks Village School, Sacramento, CA

“Finally, parents and teachers have access to a practical guide of fun, uplifting activities that will guide their children toward emotional and spiritual maturity.”

—John Gorman, parent and public school teacher

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