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List of Lessons in A Joyful Path, Year One

Title,  Lesson

  1. The Nameless One , Who or What is God?

  2. A Teacher of the Way,  Who Was Jesus

  3. The Stories of our Tradition,  The Bible and how we use it

  4. A Pocket Full of Coins,  Discovering Divine Energy

  5. Worms, Snails, and Fairies! , God in Nature

  6. Nathan Leaves Home,  Remembering God’s Presence

  7. The Monkey and the Well,  Concentrating Our Energy

  8. The Confusing Coat,  Learning from Mistakes

  9. The Dangerous Road , Connecting with Kindness

  10. A Basket Full of Love , Sharing

  11. Who Is In-Charge?,  Self-control

  12. A Drop of Water,  Stillness

  13. The Magic Potion,  Learning Patience

  14. The New Neighborhood,  Experiencing the Oneness of All Through Service

  15. Brother Wolf,  Being an Instrument for Blessing

  16. Touching the Moon,  Practicing Humility

  17. The Greedy Gambler,  Non-Greed

  18. Nothing Fancy,  What is Success?

  19. 19 Dangerous Trips,  Willpower

  20. Courageous Corrie,  Courage

  21. Wild Mountain John,  Filling Our Minds with Goodness

  22. Monica’s Complicated Quilt, Opening Our Hearts in Prayer

  23. The Falling Sky, Accessing Sacred Guidance

  24. Pulling Back the Curtain, Infinite Possibilities in Each Moment

  25. Rachel Dreams of the Sea, Expanding Awareness

  26. A Heavy Load,  Letting Go-Living Joyfully in the Moment

  27. A Lion in the Garden,  Forgiving and Healing

  28. The Changeless Spirit, Security

  29. 6,000 Tries! Perseverance

  30. Do Unto Others, Truthfulness

  31. A Choice, Willingness

  32. One Love, Inclusion

  33. Are Two Words Enough?, Expressing Gratitude

  34. Blind Eyes See, Experiencing God as Light

  35. The Lonely Shepherd, Experiencing God as Joy

  36. The Christmas Surprise, Experiencing God as Love

  37. Standing Tall, Palm Sunday

  38. New Life, Easter

Breakdown of Stories Used:

8 derived from the Bible

4 legends of Christian saints

9 adapted from folktales

5 biographical

2 original tales by Lorna Knox


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