The Future is Calling Us to Greatness- Online Conference on Science, Inspiration and Sustainability

With Michael Dowd + 56 Experts

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Symposium Overview

We each have experienced times of trouble that threaten to overwhelm our individual lives. In such times, a vision of possibility is essential. The same holds for the punctuations in history when whole societies face troubles of an immense and uncharted variety. Truly, we have arrived at such a time. Humans, unwittingly, have become a planetary force. We are changing irreversibly the very climate of our world. Henceforth, any actions we take as individuals and societies will be done in the new light of climate change. What vision will carry us forward and inspire us to work together? What vision will charge us with a sense of heroic purpose that the future is indeed calling us to greatness?

“How can we face the large-scale challenges of our time with hearts of gratitude, passion for life, and inspiration to be in action in service to the future?” This and related questions are explored in this Virtual Conference with some of the world’s most helpful voices regarding the challenges and opportunities we can expect in the coming decades, what is currently being done and what still needs to be done, and how, as individuals and groups, we all can participate in the Great Work of co-creating a just and healthy future for humanity and the larger body of life.

A related goal of this Skype interview series is to lift up a worldwide movement that has been emerging for decades at the nexus of science, inspiration, justice, and sustainability. Beliefs are secondary. What unites tens of millions of the religious and non-religious alike is a pool of common values, priorities, and commitments for living in right relationship to reality and working together to foster a thriving future for all. We feel our moment in the arc of history, such that, “The past is rooting for us and the future is calling us to greatness.”



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