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The Spiritual Consciousness of Government


“At the core, politics at its best is about love. It’s about how
much we love each other. Really, that’s what good politics is.
It’s about us choosing … to love our communities and to love
each other, and to treat each other as ourselves … and as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, ‘a government budget is a moral document, a budget is a moral document …’”
— Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, U.S. Congress member
[Excerpt from “The Gospel of Science”]

Did you know that human DNA responds healthfully when we enjoy altruistic pleasure (helping others); but our DNA’s expression’s health degrades when involved in selfish hedonistic pleasure? Yes, the description of a sense of elation is similar to both pleasures—but the DNA knows the difference. We are rewarded by our own DNA for our compassion. The Koran actually states that compassion/kindness is its own reward, but those words were written centuries ago, long before genetic science proved it was our physical reality.

How did these ancient prophets know this? Perhaps by becoming attuned to what physicist Brian Greene has called a sense of “elegance.” We have an intuitive sense of compassion being the “law of the universe,” and mind-body contemplative practices which evolved out of all the major religions (repetitive prayer, compassion and contemplative prayer, etc.) are now being practiced worldwide not just in churches, mosques, and temples, but in corporations, prisons, and hospitals as science-based mind-body practices. New science shows that these practices have been changing the world, because they enable the human brain to let go of confusion and turmoil and to “resonate” more clearly with this “law of the universe.”

This law of the universe is that compassionate solutions are ALWAYS the most effective and most economical. For example in Utah and Florida studies have shown that when governments house their homeless people, they save between $12,000 to $20,000 per human being they get off the streets and into basic housing. In the case of Medicare for All, economics reveals that by giving every single human being in our nation full health coverage, as a nation we save between $2 trillion to $5 trillion in the first 10 years.

Today, the USA imprisons more of our people than any other nation on earth, at an enormous national cost in the form of police, courts, jails, prisons, and the endless damage to families whose lives are shattered by a loved one being incarcerated. A huge problem in US prisons is the recidivism rate, where about 3/4’s of inmates return to prison after their release. However, studies are revealing that by training inmates in “mind-body meditation” it not only reduces the ‘return to prison rates’ for meditating prisoners, but improves behavior rates for the entire prison—saving society money.

If meditation can help inmates release old life trauma that has landed them in prison, and cause them to be more peacefully interactive with those around them, is this not a recipe for reducing violence and conflict worldwide, if mind-body practices became a core part of public education worldwide? In public schools that replaced “detention centers” with “meditation centers,” scholastic performance improved, and fights and bullying rates decreased.

The only difference between a school-yard fight and war, is the fractal scale of it. Chaos Mathematics is showing us what they call a “self-replicating, or fractal-nature” reality to the universe, where truths on a micro-cosmic scale, are also true on a fractal macrocosmic scale. You can see a visual of self-replicating reality in how the same image, the “Fibonacci Spiral,” is seen within the spiral of sea-shells, the spiral of sunflowers, in ocean waves and in the spiral of tropical storms on weather maps, and in the spirals of galaxies throughout the universe. But it can also be seen in the “self-replicating” nature of human DNA responding healthfully to compassion, and in societal economies responding healthfully to “housing our homeless” and “providing full health coverage to all people” in Medicare for All savings and improved health outcomes for people and eliminating the #1 cause of family bankruptcy—healthcare costs. Again and again and again you see that this foundational truth of “compassion being the answer” appearing in personal health, economics, and social and world health.

Modern science is showing that ancient meditative techniques clarify our consciousness, enabling us to resonate most clearly with this foundational truth within us and the universe—that compassion is the key to everything. In the battles of the day we fight for justice and fairness, peace and compassion, but our long term goal should be to get scientifically proven mind-body meditative practices into public education worldwide. Research shows that meditative practices physically enlarge the “empathy/compassion” parts of the brain, while shrinking the “stress/fear” part of the brain. Therefore, the same results found in prisons and public schools using meditation, of reducing violence and improving social behavior, could on a global scale reduce war and conflict. This could save vast amounts of future costs.

Today the USA spends 61 cents on every tax dollar on military. Dr. King said that ‘a nation that continues to spend more money on military than on programs of social uplift, is approaching spiritual death.’ Why do we spend so much on police, prisons, and military? FEAR. Despite the fear media corporate media pumps into our brains, the actual fact is that today the world is vastly less violent than at any time in human history. Violent crimes rates are at 30 year lows in the USA and in much of the developed world. It is our irrational fear of other human beings and other nations, fueled by dooms-day-reporting over the airwaves of corporate media daily, which causes our national treasure to be poured into militaristic solutions. In many US cities today, militarized police spending dwarfs any other type of social spending.

Expanding meditation into public education worldwide is a scientifically proven prescription to change the world by fueling the natural compassion in human beings, while reducing the irrational fear pulling us away from our natural compassion. This can not only heal our economies and societies, but also reduce global conflict.  After making mind-body meditative practices part of public education worldwide, in 18 years the planet would have an entire generation of mind-body masters with smaller “stress/fear” parts of the brain, and larger “empathy/compassion” parts of the brain. This could dramatically reduce global conflicts, which result from lack of empathy and hysterical fear.

Modern science is delivering us a prescription for the future. It should be easy to create a mass push for expanding meditation and mind-body practices into public education worldwide, because science proves that these practices can: Increase Brain Size; Improve Test Scores; Increase Creativity; Boost Immune Function; Reduce Anxiety and ADD/ADHD Symptoms; Improve Sleep; and Dramatically Reduce Stress/Anxiety. This is huge, because modern science is showing that between 60% to 90% of all illnesses sending people to doctors are CAUSED by STRESS. This means the world would save trillions of dollars annually in future health costs, by educating our public education students in mind-body practices. This fact alone should have gotten these science based mind-body practices into public education worldwide, yesterday.

There is a profound truth woven within the fabric of the universe—compassion. Ancient prophets accessed this via “revelatory” spiritual awakenings, as did the greatest minds in science through physical science revelations as well as personal spiritual ones—and the techniques they used are now available to the entire planet, as secular science-based mind-body technologies that can be taught as a secular-mind-body-health science which should be part of public education worldwide, starting—yesterday!

Science is also showing meditation changes the brain to make practitioner’s minds more open to “new concepts,” and less likely to reject new ideas reflexively, before pondering them. Anyone who has suffered a conversation with a family member, etc. where you share data and facts that are incapable of piercing the thick layers of distorted facts their media or political party have built up in their minds—would appreciate how meditation creates more “open minded” people. We are in an age where truths are being revealed at a bone jarring pace as technology and science evolve—but our brain structure and function is overwhelmed. Scientifically proven mind-body practices that enable one to “let go” of old outdated concepts and be continually open to unfolding clarifying new realities, are something desperately needed by the world today.

Humanity may well be on the cusp of a personal and social transformation more profound than ever seen before in human history—and this revolution/evolution is taking place in the fabric of human minds all over the planet—and this can become global if we push this science out relentlessly. I do not hedge on this, in the many interviews I have done with global media, I state again and again and again, “Given the known science on mind-body practices, it is literally INSANE that these technologies of the mind were not made part of public education years ago.”


William Douglas is the author of The Gospel of Science: Mind-Blowing New Science on Ancient Truths to Heal Our Stress, Lives, and Planet. He is the Founder of World Tai Chi Day/World Healing Day, spreading awareness of the science on mind-body practices, celebrated annually in over 80 nations, and officially proclaimed by senates, legislatures, governors, mayors and officials across the planet. William has been a mind-body source for media worldwide, including: The New York Times; Wall Street Journal; Reader’s Digest; South China Morning Post; China’s Xinhua News Agency; Strive Magazine; Prevention Magazine; WebMD; etc.

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