Your donations enable us to create and share theologically progressive resources that nurture our faith journeys and are used in church communities around the world. If everyone reading this right now gives just $10 we would be able to continue offering these for free.

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Supporting Churches and Organizations

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Become a Supporting Church!

Support the Progressive Christian Movement

The Supporting Churches and Organizations Program is for churches and organizations who have committed to taking a more active role in sustaining and supporting Progressive Christianity around the world.  By donating $500 or more each year you will be listed as a Supporting Organization, and it is a great way to show your commitment to the larger vision of Progressive Christianity as well as our mission to actively provide spiritual resources and networking for an evolving faith.

In addition to a listing in our directory, your organization will have access to ad space on our website, which will be separate and more predominant from our church listing. Periodically, we will be highlighting a different Supporting Organization in one of our monthly e-Bulletins – so this would be a terrific opportunity for you tell the world about your community — what makes it unique and special.  Also included is one free event eBlast for an event in your church, that will go out to our 10,000+ contacts. You will also receive a Welcome Poster as well as a complimentary copy of our 8 Points Study Guide.

Join  this small band of organizations who are committed to bringing the world  a more compassionate and informed Christianity!


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Become a Supporting Church!


Make sure you show up in our list!

If you already have an account with us:

At the top right side of the website, Sign In and  go to “My Profile.”  Your Profile will drop down.

Under User Type, make sure to choose Organization and  click “Show Me In Directory”


If you do NOT have an account with us:

At the top right side of the website, Sign Up.  A panel will drop down.  Fill in your account information.

Under User Type, make sure to choose  Organization and click “Show Me In Directory”


Become a Supporting Church!


To see a list of our current Supporting Churches,  click here