At, we strive to give you resources so that you can engage on a deeper level, personally or within your faith community. However, to continue to do this, we need your support. This Advent we hope that you’ll consider supporting the work of

May you have a meaningful Advent that is filled with hope, peace, joy and love. – Donate Now.

Supporting Churches and Organizations


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The Supporting Churches and Organizations Program is for churches and organizations who have committed to taking a more active role in sustaining and supporting Progressive Christianity around the world.


Supporting Churches receive:

  • An updated Global Network Listing
  • In addition, Supporting Church Partners receive a welcome packet that includes:
  • A Welcome Poster to hang in your space
  • stickers
  • An 8 Points Poster
  • An 8 Points Study Guide
  • A copy of the book: Drink from the Well, by Retired President Rev. Fred Plumer

Donating and becoming a Supporting Church is a great way to show your commitment to the larger vision of Progressive Christianity as well as our mission to actively provide spiritual resources and networking for an evolving faith.


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If you already have an account with us:

At the top right side of the website, Sign In and  go to “My Profile.”  Your Profile page will open.

Under User Type, make sure to choose “Organization” and  click “Show Me In Directory”


If you do NOT have an account with us:

At the top right side of the website, Sign Up.  A page will open.  Fill in your account information.

Under User Type, make sure to choose “Organization” and click “Show Me In Directory”


Become a Supporting Church!


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