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Lent, Week 4

One reason we search for new language, especially at this time of year, is that for many Christians, the traditional words have lost their ability to touch us.  Repetition can bring the joy of the familiar, but it can also cause us to glaze right over….

Consider the ancient tradition of a prayer of confession, which many progressive services have dropped simply because they can’t find a good way to express it.  If that’s the situation in your setting, try these lines from Jean Conley’s Namaste Easter liturgy:

As we prepare for today’s celebration, let us express our regret
for the limits we have put on God’s Spirit at work in us,
for our lack of courage to say yes to the Voice within,
for our unbelief and lack of understanding of God’s presence in us,
for acting as if we were disconnected and separate from God, our neighbor, and our world.

As always, use what works for you…