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For July 4th – Looking At Who Is My Neighbor?

Who is my neighbor? We teach the Sunday School to sing Jan Wesson’s hymn:

They asked, “Who’s my neighbor and whom should I love;
for whom should I do a good deed?”
Then Jesus related a story and said,
“It’s anyone who has a need, yes, anyone who has a need.”

But children watch what we do, not just what we say. Would children be able to tell from your actions whom you think your neighbor is?

Election Hymn

If we claim to love our neighbour while the hungry queue for food, are we prey to self deception? Is perception quite so crude?

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Worship Materials: Justice and Peace

THEME Dreams and Harsh Reality THOUGHTS FOR REFLECTION For the rich poverty is obscene. For the poor wealth is obscene. For God both are obscene.

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Let Justice Flow Down

For half the world’s population who have to live on less than £1 a day All: Let justice flow down like a river

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