How do I sign up for your Weekly Recaps and other email news?

You can sign up here and cancel at any time!

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What will I receive if I sign up?

You will receive a free Weekly Recap and other news about events, books, and offerings. We usually send about 1-2 emails a week.

What is an e-Bulletin? e-Bulletins were free email publications that let us keep in touch with those who are interested in Progressive Christianity around the world. At this time, we are no longer sending out our monthly eBulletin. But we do hope to pull together our past eBulletins into PDF files that we can make available to you in the future. We have replaced the eBulletins with our free Weekly Recap.

What will I see in the Weekly Recap?

Weekly Recap issues contain news and events of interest to Progressive Christians, recent articles and book reviews, as well as useful ideas and suggestions, music, videos, and book picks for the month.

How do I see past eBulletins?


Click here for our archives of all our past eBulletins from JULY 2012 to Present.


Click here for our archives of all our past eBulletins up until JUNE 2012!


How do I change my email address or location information?

Simply log into the website, and click “account” in the top right-hand corner.  Then update!

Is my information private?

We will never sell, rent, or give out your email address. (Read our privacy statement here.)