Invitation to Contribute Liturgy

The Liturgy Project

Wonderful progressive “words for worship” are being written in churches around the world. The Liturgy Project has as its goal to collect and publish these liturgies so they can be shared. “Liturgy” includes all the ways in which words get used in worship: prayers of all kinds, rites and rituals, seasonal materials, hymn lyrics, poetry and so forth.

Publication will be on this website (, with each entry tagged so that you can retrieve items of interest. As the collection grows there will be archives as well that you can search. Read more about our Liturgy Project here.

How to Contribute

You are invited to contribute liturgies you have written! These can range from a single component to a complete service. Email your contributions to MS Word documents are the easiest to handle, but pdf’s, jpeg’s and other standard formats are acceptable.

Use the same email,, if you have any questions or wish to communicate with the editor, Polly Moore.


Progressive liturgies use inclusive language. There are many interpretations of this, but at a minimum it means using gender-neutral language for God and humankind. Non-theistic liturgies are also welcome, since “progressive” covers a wide spectrum. Inclusive language also includes a sensitivity in general to gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and all the other ways we have of discriminating against each other.


By sending us your material, you are giving permission to copy, use and publish it. You may retain the copyright to it if you wish; just indicate that when you send it in. If you choose not to, then will be the copyright holder.

If your liturgy contains material previously copyrighted and/or published (for example, you quote someone else’s poem as part of your communion liturgy), please identify the author/copyright holder, source and publisher. We will need to obtain permission from them to copy, use or republish it.